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You've written a book and you want to turn it into a Kindle eBook. Do you pay an expensive service to do the eBook conversion for you or do you try to do it yourself?


Some say it's easy to do it yourself. We'd agree, but it does involve a lot of work whatever method you choose. That's where Instant Ebook comes in - it does the work and makes it easy for the novice to create a Kindle eBook, in fact any number of ebooks. Why pay out every time you want to create an ebook when you can easily do it yourself? Let Instant Ebook do all the hard work for you.


This is probably the easiest and quickest way to turn a manuscript into a Kindle ebook. It is a program for writers. People who want to write, not spend hours wrestling with code and unfriendly programs.

Try Before You Buy

Why not download Instant Ebook now for free and see for yourself how simple it is?

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All the features of the software can be tried out for 30 days. The internal book cover design is fixed and it produces part ebooks rather than whole books but is otherwise the same as the full product. All you need to do to unlock all the power is purchase a software key. Once entered into the program it becomes the full product. You only need to install it once!


Instant Ebook is designed for books with straightforward formatting such as novels, collections of short stories etc.. with illustrations and graphics. Instant Ebook is designed to be as automatic as possible.


If you are a power user then don't let that put you off. You can automate tasks that otherwise would require tedious manual effort and use the advanced inbuilt editor to add complex formatting. On the other hand, if you're not a power user then you don't need to bother with any of this!


And if you have Amazon's FREE Kindle Previewer app installed on your PC (recommended anyway) then Instant Ebook allows you to see how your ebook will look on any Kindle straightaway.

Free Kindle Ebooks

See for yourself what Instant Ebook can do and grab some FREE ebooks for your Kindle at the same time! These ebooks have all been created using the Instant Ebook program. Click here.


You've tried it and love it! Now for a one-off low fee you can unlock the full power of Instant Ebook and turn out ebooks by the score!


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Read more about Instant Ebook here.

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