What is Instant Ebook? It's a piece of software for Windows.
What does it do? It makes Kindle ebooks.
Who is it for? Writers who want to turn their work into ebooks quickly and easily.

FREE 'The Jacobites' Kindle eBook Created with Instant Ebook

This (very short) eBook has been created using Instant Ebook software and therefore has, for example, a properly functioning Table of Contents (sometimes referred to as 'active') and section navigation. If you want to produce your own ebooks you can try Instant Ebook by clicking here but you don't have to in order to download the book.

To download the book click on the book cover below and choose 'Save File' when asked. If you have the free Kindle reader application for your computer (available from Amazon at no cost) you can click on the ebook file once it's on your computer and you can read it straight away. Otherwise connect your Kindle device to your computer with a USB lead and copy the file across.

The Jacobites by Robert McCallum

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